Focus on networking

OFFSHORE focuses on networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience, as well as best practice between entities in Poland and Norway.

OFFSHORE will focus on two complementary pillars in which the partners exhibit particular strengths: 

Renewable energy production, where the Norwegian partners develop innovative solutions, e.g.: VIMEC (Vortex-Induced Motion Energy Converter) – UiS, or Flex2Power (Flexible Floating System) – Rosenberg. 

Lifetime extension of the production installations through functional coatings (e.g. preventing icing and erosion) and predictive maintenance solutions based on NDI, UAVs and AI – TPF. 

Other cooperation areas will be defined through matching the interests and capabilities of the NOW and PKTK clusters associating a total of over 400 members. 

OFFSHORE will address these issues through the following activities:


Development of institutional collaboration between the NOW and PKTK Clusters through mutual visits and the implementation of a partnership agreement


Organisation of two workshops to create sustainable links at both institutional and personal levels. The workshops will explore the challenges facing the selected technological project pillars as well as define new collaboration opportunities


Preparation of a roadmap for a joint long-term research, innovation and market co-operation including the identification of funding and market opportunities

Project proposals / feasibility studies

Preparation of min. 3 joint project proposals and/or feasibility studies to be submitted in Norway Grants, HE, Innovation Fund, Interreg or other programmes ensuring scaling up of the project’s results

Events & communication

Promotion of collaboration through organisation of dedicated events, market visits, participation in conferences and targeted communication